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Dear all,

I am that close to book my surgery. I went and talked with some hospitals in Phuket and Bkk and finally i decided to go with Dr. Narupon at Apec clinic in BKK. But i didnt talk to them directly, i found him through this website plastic-surgery-thailand.. So far so good, communication went well. But then she asked if i want to put some deposit to secure the surgery. So i want ask you ladies, when you wanna book surgery in Thailand is it normal they ask you for some deposit??? I just want me be 100% sure before i send my money. Been working hard for them :)

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Hi there, this is common practice for most surgeon's not just in Australia but overseas as well, i had to pay a $1,000 deposit which was non refundable  to secure my Sergey date, if you are 100% certin that this is the company and sergeon you want to have your BA with then i would say pay your deposit. Most PS have a non refundable clause if you cancel but you should be able to reschedule if somthing were to come up but just check this with your sergeon. 

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