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How long until you could push your boobies together?

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Hi ladies. To be honest, 4 to 5 weeks post op is not very long at all. You would still have swelling and there is still healing to be done by your body. I know it is really hard, but you have to try to be patient. The D & F process can take up to a year, and so this is why you are still in the early days of things.

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Hi im im just over 10 wpo and my boobs are still very firm feeling however they are starting to feel a little softer, i can't push them together yet or really give them a good squeeze either, you are stillvery early i  your recovery so will still have some residual swelling and it will take at leadt a couple of months before your boobs will start to feel soft and even longer with textured gummies. 

8 hours ago, Melbourne101 said:

I'm day 4 post op and mine are sitting squashed together in my post op bra... used to have about an inch gap. Is this normal? ?

Yes it is quite normal it will be swelling which will start to settle in a couple of weeks, patience is the key 

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