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Revision of a Dr Miroshnik BA.

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Hi guys, 

had my BA in May 2016. Had very deflated D cups from losing a tonne of weight. I had 490cc anatomical unders put in. I didn’t have a lift because my dr thought the size would fill out my loose skin, however, they are still a bit small & my boobs look saggy. I’m wanting to have a revision and go bigger, but he has said 550cc I think is the biggest I can go in this implant. Is it worth it? I’m 5’2” and 50kgs, and my boobs currently don’t feel that big, so I’m happy to go bigger but I’d there 650cc or is there a gap between 500 & 700 or are there implants that size in anatomicals?

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I doubt he feels comfortable going bigger then 550 I’ve never seen him do any larger implants. I highly recommend dr Eddy Dona in Sydney, even for a consult and second opinion. I revised from 550 to 800cc and honestly not even a massive change in size. You absolutely should look at a minimum of 150cc to see a difference and dr Dona does loads of larger sizes so would give you some honest feedback. Good luck 

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I was going to see dr Tavakoli but ended up choosing dr Miroshnik. My follow up appointments felt like he was just trying to brush my concerns under the rug. I’m really not happy & hope to go up in size rather than have a lift if possible but I think I’ll have to book in to see other drs & get their advice to compare!

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