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Age when you had Augmentation, cup size before, Saline/Silicon, and what size cc? And have you had more than one?

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Lovely Ladies at what age did you have your first Breast Augmentation and was it Saline or Silicon and what size cc?  And have you had more than one?

As for me I was 34 years old married with two sons.  I worked two job, whereas my hubby worked three.  I was a solid B cup in some bra even a C.  Mine were Silicon huge scare later about them leaking and causing sickness.  I can't recall the brand most likely Dow Corning.  My size was a 225cc and 235cc.  Now 36 year later after a small rupture new girl January 17, 2018.  I and PS and hubby decided on 520cc so very happy wish I would have went up in size years ago.  Thank you in advance for your response.  

Hugs & Kisses 

( . )( . ) PBB

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19 hours ago, misstons said:

Natural DD.

560cc Silicone - age 21 (2014)

920cc Silicone - age 22 (2015)

Wanting 1300-1500cc - undecided :p 

Wow Girl you are beautiful huge love it.  Have you put photos sit>

Hugs & Kisses 

( ., ) ( . ) PBB

sabP How lovely you are.  And yes we senior lovely ladies deserve to look the best we can.  I know you love your size and being all those girlie things.  I hope you read my post on the PO yesterday January 25, 2018 concerning going bra shopping He He.  Ii not you can check it out.  added additional photos enjoy.  

Huggs & Kisses  ( . )( . ) PBB

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14 hours ago, RubyJadeDiamond said:

Got mine done for the first time in February 2018, age 30.

My implants are cohesive silicon gel 755cc anatomicals.

Natural small 14C. As I only had them done a couple of weeks ago, I haven't been measured for a new size, but I estimate I'm probably going to be an E cup once they fluff.

I reckon you will be suprised and find you are bigger than an E

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