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Do you get your implants checked

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I have a Mamnogrmam each year, just had revision of January 17, 2018  I will have a while before I have to have it done again will be checking into the different option that will be available.  However it is extremely important for us ladies to do self check which I do weekly but also Mammograms 3D which my Gynecologist highly recommends.  Let s all be aware of Breast Cancer.  My PS is greatly involved in Breast Cancer Awareness and encourages her patients to get involved in Breast Cancer walk.  She ask hubby and I to participate this year in the walk.  Super nice Tee Shirts will post pictures when we get our Tee's

Hugs & Kisses 



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I had my implants placed over 3 years ago, I have not felt the need to get them checked as I have felt no lumps, hardness or pain.

My surgeon said I will likely need them replaced at the 10 year mark, but didn't mention how often to get them checked. Other surgeons seem to be saying every 3-5 years, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on them, listen to your body and if you suspect something, best to have them looked at professionally.

MRI appears to be more effective than ultrasound for detecting ruptures: https://www.plasticsurgery.org/news/press-releases/mri-is-most-accurate-test-for-detecting-ruptured-silicone-breast-implants

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