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Hi I’m looking into putting a deposit down for breast augmentation with CosMediTour sydney. Anyone been there and would like to share their experience? Do you know where the consultation is held as they have not displayed a address for sydney? How did your breast turn out? We’re the surgeons good? Hidden cost or surprise cost? Please share thanks :) 

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I am booked to have surgery April 6 with Park Clinic (either Dr Phoon or Dr Moradi) through Cosmeditour. In Sydney depending on what dates you choose its either Park Clinic or the Breast Academy. There are hidden costs, I don't think many people get the advertised price. All up it is going to cost me around $8-$9K but I am choosing to have teardrops over rounds (they are more expensive). It is still quite a good price considering they are plastic surgeons and not cosmetic. 


All the best :) 


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I'm pretty sure all their surgeons are Plastic Surgeons but doing their round in breast. They come from years of public hospital plastic surgery which is more complicated reconstruction work, skin grafts, flaps, trauma/cancer etc. Obviously you don't get breast implants in the public hospital system or very little so you need to go private. But in terms of skill level they aren't trainees they are already very skilled at plastic surgery procedures. 

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