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Help picking size and shape please- pics attached.

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Hi girls,

I’m booked in with Dr Miroshnik for a breast augmentation in eight weeks and I’m not sure what size and shape to ask for. 

I am 50kg, 157 cm tall, I’ve had two kids and would love to get my boob size slightly bigger than what they were when they were breastfeeding which was a large C to small D.

I want them to look full, but not fake, ideally and “are they or aren’t they” look.

I have attach photos of my boobs and I would like to achieve.

If anyone has similar stats a I would love to know what you went with. 

Any advice appreciated, thank you! 





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The tricky part of advising with photos is firstly a part of choosing cc’s also involved your breast width for eg you’ll need a bigger implant if you’re broad for eg. Can you give us your breast width, and also what bra size do you wear now? Your befores are slightly bigger than mine were (yep mine were totally flat) and I needed 390cc to get me to a D...I had some width to work with so I needed slightly larger. Seeing as you have a bit more breast tissue than I did, to achieve a D I would suspect you might need somewhere around 320cc but again, does depend on other factors ??

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