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27072671_1804717662906381_1127068303902000316_n.jpg.2e1554c399f3e805ecee838ca3126cec.jpg Don't be fooled by the fake uploaded photos misleading you to believe they are recent clients of Cosmetic Holidays International. Plus the surgery isn't even done by the Surgeon quoted, so it's very misleading. Claire Johnson is truly living up to her bad reputation and false promises to potential and past clients. This picture is actually a  UK Celebrity not as quoted on Claire's business webpage as an "Australian fitness competitor". This is actually a well-known reality UK TV Celebrity, Chloe Goodman. I knew I recognised that body and bikini.  http://globalknock.com/chloe-goodman-swaps-the-sand-for-the-pool-as-she-shows-off-her-ample-assets-and-pert-behind-in-bright-bikini-on-sun-soaked-break/.  Really check out your agent's thoroughly before booking. Sadly I didn't. A good agent who isn't all about money and shows empathy, kindness, genuine caring nature and follows you through the whole process and beyond is really worth her or his fee ladies. Booking directly can be very daunting and you have no support. 5a73f8feddd45_ScreenShot2018-02-02at2_59_59pm.thumb.png.65b3671da47672619a3015403484b06d.png




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