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fat grafting for asymmetry

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Has anyone had fat grafting done to help with asymmetry? 
Since my explant, my left breast is very deficient in lower pole, like it is non existent (i had a full capsulectomy on this side so i wonder if thats why). Im not sure two different sized implants would help me much since the difference between the breasts is not just volume but also displacement of volume.
im hoping fat grafting would be a good way to fix it and would love to hear anyones experience with this

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Well Foxy, I am 14 day's po of my 3de fat transfer procedure.  At present the volume is still the same, but no doubt it WILL go down. It is hard to know if it  stays 'in the same spot' as I have been injected in 4 different spots, i.e. lower and upper pole.  Personally I would not have a problem with different size implants, if needed, and my PS has mentioned that is an option he would not rule out.      In his opinion  you can't use a donor side more than once, as I have had 3 procedure it may pan out that way for me.

If I can give more info, I am happy to help:)

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