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Anyone downsized to 200cc or less?

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I am planning on having revision surgery to downsize my 260cc implants.  The PS I consulted with recently recommended going down to 205cc Motiva Ergonomix low profile implants, but this will only reduce the diameter by about 0.5cm and I just don't think it will be small enough for me.

Has anyone downsized their implants to a similar size?  Did you need pocket work or a lift?  Were you happy with your results.  I would love to see some before and afters if anyone is able to share!  

I'm 53kg and about 160cm, so quite a petite frame.

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I had 410cc (round) implants and was keen to downsize to a small anatomical implant (around 250-300cc).

I was told that the difference in implant was a lot and that I would need significant pocket work with internal sutures to close the pocket and even so, i would have a high risk of implant rotation.
I ended up getting my implants completely removed and am waiting the 6 moths for the pocket to heal. I was told that after 6 months it would be like a first time BA.

The first few months after my explant i strapped my breasts with hypafix tape and I still wear a compression sports bra ever day. My breasts have retracted really well and im so happy i did it this way. absolutely no need for a lift 

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Hi Girl1999, yes I've got photos - you should have access now to see them.  They haven't really changed much since then.

The PS who recommended going down to 205cc said I wouldn't need any pocket work or stitching (and that this can cause puckering).  I'll be downsizing to rounds so that implant rotation isn't a factor.  I came across quite a few people on another forum who downsized significantly without pocket work and said that everything tightened up by itself after a few weeks, but I still don't have many before and afters.  

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Hi wantboobs, I have similar stats to you 164cm and 52 kgs but I am starting with a blank palette (size AA). I have been researching BA for a while and just yesterday got a referral to plastic surgeons Ashton and Tavakoli. I want implants that are proportionate to to my size as I have small hips (about a size 6). After my BA I want to be able to wear the same clothes I have been wearing- just without the empty water bra! I want to stay under 250cc but I'm not sure how small to go. Would you be able to add me so I can see your gallery please? Is there anyone else on here with smaller implants that doesn't mind sharing?

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