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Hi im 13 wpo from just a BA with Sam so can't help you with the lift scars but i think he has a few before and afters on his website but i can vouch that he is an amazing sergeon, i went with exactly what he reccomended for me and i couldn't be happier my crease incision scars are very neat they are still a little red but  by the time they fade i think you'll hardly be able to see them.

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7 hours ago, Teeeleee said:

I have a consult booked in with another surgeon but I think I'm going to cancel I'm so happy with my meeting with Dr Cunneen, just waiting for my quote then I can book!!

How much did you pay for your surgery?

I paid $10,500 for 440cc hp anatomical dual plane crease incision im 13 wpo now and just starting to see some noticeable D&F 

What is Sam reccomending for you.

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7 hours ago, Teeeleee said:

How long did it take for your quote to come through?

he is recommending anatomical with a taller implant he said I could go up to 440cc and dual plane with a lift but just around the nipple. 

I still haven’t received my quote though even after contacting them twice ?

I was just a straightforward augmentation and didnt need a lift so it only took a couple of days to get my quote, from memory an augmentation with lift is around $12,500 but you will be getting an implant replacement also so it mught be a bit more. 

My implants are 440cc anatomical they are moderate height and high profile in a dual plane placement infamamary incision,  if you friend me you can see my pics, i was a 12 barley A and now a 12 DD/E

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