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Scar treatments?

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I have a scar that is 40mm x 5mm in my face that has lowered my self esteem and quality of life very much. I have tried to read about the scar removal treatments
that are avaiable, but from my understanding the science hasnt developed any way to fully remove scars yet. I know there are laser treatment, medical tatooing, 
scar camouflage, surgery, skin transplant available. I guess the only way to completely remove a scar is to put makeup over, but i guess there isnt any magical 
treatment like that available, that doesnt disapear from water? 
Is there any company that does medical tatooing or scar camouflage that almost fully removes the scar?

Is there any world leading company that does scar removals or a  surgeon you could contact for treatment? Country doesnt matter.

Im sorry for my bad english. I hope you could understand what i was saying anyway. And if i have posted this in the wrong forum im very sorry.

Thank you!

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