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2 hours ago, Caitlyn said:

I am day 4 post op already sick and tired of the compression bra it is so tight and really hard to breathe. I am talking so slowly because it’s that tight.  Anyone else struggle with this? It gives me more discomfort than the surgery itself. 

Is it surgeon supplied or one you bought? It may be too small - the band should fit comfortably and the cups are usually stretchy. I had the Carefix Anna and Alice bras size large and I found them really comfortable. You can buy them online from Zodee online and they have fast delivery.

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Hi Ladies my Carefix compression bra was added into the price of the surgery.  I to did not enjoy wearing this torture devise.  I wore it for 8 days 23 hours only taking it off only to shower then back on.  After first visit back to PS on 8th day she told me if I would like to get a wire free compression sports bra it would be okay much more comfortable.  I realize all PS have different ideas.  You will be out soon hang in there Caitlyn.

Hugs & Kisses

(   .   )(   .   )  PBB

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It was supplied by the surgeon included in the price of surgery I have my 1 week post op appointment on Tuesday 13th so hopefully they say I can release it to the looser clips. Excuse the filter caption attached to my photo but this is what the bra looks like


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