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Creams to Prevent Stretch Marks

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31 minutes ago, kirra said:

Hi everyone,

Just wondering when everyone started using creams pre-op to prevent stretch marks, also what ones you used?

Hey @kirra I've always used body moisturiser every day... basically start as soon pre-op as you can. Palmers have a good anti-stretch mark cream, I found it a bit too greasy but it smells nice :) I'm sure girls here will have other recommendations. I also started using a good Vitamin E cream a couple weeks post-op and now I'm 9 weeks post-op I'm back to using my regular body moisturiser - no stretch marks :):)

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I spent hundreds of dollars on stretchmark prevention creams when i was pregnant and i still got them. My sister had twins and didnt get a single stretchmark.
If you are genetically predisposed to getting them (I had them already on my legs and bum from puberty) then you may be at a higher risk of getting them.

A conservative sized implant will do more to prevent stretchmarks then any cream.

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Its pretty much like what The Fox said if your predisposed  (genetically prone ) then you will most likely get them, but it shouldn't stop you from trying to give your skin the best fighting chance you can, i say start now and like @sabP said Palmers coco butter or a good vitamin E cream , im 13 wpo and still using  Vitamin E cream on my boobs that i got from the chemist .

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I've got stretch marks from puberty on the sides of my hips and a few more added from pregnancy. But when I was pregnant with each child (I've got 3 kids), I used the shea butter from the Body Shop twice a day. With my chest area, I also used the cream prior to surgery and after I used a vitamin E cream each day (not around the incisions though). I was lucky to have not got stretch marks there. But the implant I got was not very big - 270cc. Stretch marks are genetically predisposed. But I believe it never hurts to really look after your skin. I moisturise my whole body twice a day. Good luck with it all. x

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Hi Kirra,

As some of the others have said, creams may not be able to prevent stretch marks if you are pre-disposed to them. I also got stretch marks during puberty on my hips, but none from my breast augmentation.

Unfortunately, topical treatments won't work because stretch marks are the result of torn elastin fibres deep beneath the skin, far below where moisturizers can penetrate. There doesn't appear to be any evidence that massage or applying creams pre-operatively can help prevent stretch marks.

Having said that, it is worth looking after the skin by applying a moisturizer every day, preferably with SPF during daytime. Coconut oil and shea butter are great options.


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