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Good extensions technician Melb?

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I have fine blonde hair and its quite long but doesnt give the same umph as someone with normal to thick hair.

Ive tried clip in extensions and in about 10 minutes of walking around the house i take them out because i get a headache.

So thinking tape extensions mine be better for me as ive heard they were invented for people with fine hair because they are more lightweight.

So wanting to find insider info from people who have experience wearing them etc and also want to know where i can go for them to put them in my hair thats good quality  and for them to also do my colour at the same time so that everytime i get them moved up they can colour my roots at the same time.

I am in Melbourne so if anyone has suggestions that would be great.

Also does the adhesive make your hair wear or fall out?

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Tapes are definitely the least harsh extension type on your hair. I’ve had them for probably about 6 years.

I purchase my own online so I can’t point you in the direction of a hair dresser. But most places do offer tape extensions, so just have a look around your area, online.

Prices vary quite a lot. You could pay anywhere between $400-$1500. 

I wear 120x pieces which is the equivalent to 3 heads of hair. I spend about $750 on hair every 6 weeks. 

If you have blonde hair you will be needing to replace the hair a lot sooner than you would brown extensions. Blonde extensions are always harshly colour treated so they matt & don’t stay luscious for a super long time. 

If you have fine hair, you’ll only need about 40 pieces. So this won’t be harsh on your hair at all.

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You won’t have to purchase them as frequent as I, nor as many pieces if you have thin hair. So your price tag won’t be that figure.

I do purchase from Zala, but they match my hair perfectly. They are human hair so you can colour them, or have a hair dresser do so.

Paramount hair extensions are quite good, but they are more expensive than Zala.

Also, “Amazing Hair” is really nice hair too. They sell them at hairhouse warehouse.

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Thanks missions.

after looking at the different hair you suggested I would like to try paramount hair extensions as they have a nice platinum colour. However don't know how to find out if they have a salon in Melbourne or Melbourne salons that stock their hair.

i could just buy it online but how do you trust a hair dresser to put them in correctly I hear some horror stories which is why I would prefer to get it done at a salon that stocks the extensions or their exact salon.

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