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Minimum age limit for facelift?

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Each face ages distinctively and at various rates, so it is hard to state that there is a perfect age for a facelift. Hereditary qualities and ecological elements affect the flexibility and appearance of the skin. In addition, there now some refined surgical systems, (for example, a smaller than normal facelift) that are magnificent for more youthful patients who are in their 30s or 40s. In any case, numerous specialists would concur that patients in their late 40s and mid 50s are frequently perfect competitors. At this age, numerous people have recognizable indications of maturing and skin laxity, yet enough flexibility in the skin to boost comes about. Age isn't a farthest point to experiencing a facelift, essential is your general wellbeing and any restorative conditions (e.g. pulse) being all around controlled.

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At age 16, you are still growing into your face. I totally understand that you don't like aspects of your face as I remember feeling like this at your age. I would suggest seeing a professional make up artist and getting them to teach you how to contour your cheeks with make up. Try not to be too critical of your looks - what you feel is a flaw may be something really beautiful that someone is attracted to.  x

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