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8 months on and one feels weird ☹

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1 hour ago, Kismet said:

What could be going on?

Left implant (anatomical) still has that weird feeling that its moving around especially noticable when i bend over, some tenderness still and im becoming very frustrated with it. Any ideas?


Hey @Kismet I'm only 10 weeks, so not sure if what you are experiencing is normal or not at 8 months. Have you contacted your Surgeon to ask if that is normal at 8 months? I know some ladies took a fair while to fully heal - perhaps @pink butterfly may be able to reassure you a little, she too has anatomicals (as do I). I believe it can take up to a year to fully heal.

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I did find at the 9 month mark that I suddenly got those zinger pains back again which apparently was nerve regeneration pain. I am not sure if it was a part of the D & F process. But if you are concerned, I would contact your surgeon and get it checked out. If you get a temperature, I would definitely see your surgeon or GP ASAP. Hopefully things settle for you very soon. x

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Hi hun im still early in the recovery process like sabP (14 wpo with 440cc hp anatomicals ) but my left implant still feels a little firmer than my right, it dosnt move around but sometimes i can feel like a pressure feeling behind my nipple its dosn't hurt but feels diffrent to my right side which feels like a part of me now, but like pinkbutterfly said if you are concerned please call your surgeon.  Hope all is well and it's nothing to be concerned about. 

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Hi Ladies I am five weeks PO my girls are doing well I believe almost all swelling is gone.  The girls are soft, just this morning my hubby said how natural they feel.  I too have little stingers in my right breast the PA said these were nerve endings and most likely they would heal with time.  I agree with the ladies above it will just take time hope you get to feeling better and enjoy those lovely new girls.  Have you tried ice for around 10 minutes each hour this will help with swelling and discomfort?  I truly believed this help me.  By all means contact your PS.  Good Luck

Hugs & Kisses

(   .   )(   .   )   PBB

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