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Anatomicals and natural boobs

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I know pretty much everything takes much longer with anatomicals but when do they get soft and squishy like natural boobs? I know they will never be as soft and squishy as natural but please tell me the get softer im nearly 16 w po and while they are getting soft and i can squish them somewhat they still feel quite firm and hearing about how other people's boobs are soft and squishy is making mr jelous ?. 

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Ah the waiting game of the D & F process is a killer! 4 months post op is still early days. It can take up to 12 months for the boobs to soften. This is what my surgeon told me and he was right! I am over 3 and a 1/2 years post op, and my boobs are quite soft. But they are fake so they won't ever be as soft as natural boobs. But they no longer have that hard look they hard after surgery. It's just time for you, Wanting Boobs. Your breasts will soften but it is just time. x

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