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The Surgeon:Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction with lift with 300cc high profile round implants. Wow, this woman is incredible. She managed to get 5.8kg of sagging skin off me after losing 100kg. I saw reviews stating she was blunt etc, I didn’t get that at all. She was humorous, compassionate and caring, she listened to my concerns but she had her own and I respect that she is the surgeon and knows what she is doing. Her team are incredible and set low expectations however when I saw the after product when I woke up I was surprised. She is amazing and has such attention to detail, her incisions are minimal and the way I was put back together was neat and tidy. Highly reccomended, this woman has changed my life. Destination Beauty: I was lucky to have prime assigned as my rep for my journey, she was on the ball all the time, willing to answer questions or if she didn't know she would go find out, upon reaching Bangkok I was greeted by the team, the girls who deal with the enquiries and also the wonderful service team at the hospital. A Huge shout to to Mary, Gift, Sherry, Martin, Prame, Nam and of course the most beautiful Nurse Aom. I was completely blown away by the service I was given and noticed I wasn't singled out and others got the same. Aswell as making you feel welcome, there is a lot of realism and encouragement especially after surgery, Every question and concern was answered, I couldn't fault my experience I'm still buzzing from it. A huge thank you to Destination beauty team for their attentive and professional approach and of course Dr Angkana.






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