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Gastric sleeve

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Hey Everyone!

Please help! I am looking into a gastric sleeve operation through Destination Beauty, in Thailand with Dr. Narong Boonyagard at Samitivej Thonburi Hospital. I've read such conflicting reports of Destination Beauty, and although I have Dr. Boonyagard's CV, I can't find any reviews. Does anyone have any experience with Destination Beauty or Dr. Narong Boonyagard?

Thank you!

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Only two reviews on the link below, one I recognise one from Destination Beauty


I get the emails from Destination Beauty too, lately there have been quite a few promotions for weight loss surgery.  Weight loss surgery is expensive in Thailand compared to other cosmetic surgery in Thailand, but the package from Destination does include hospital charges plus other accommodation and with airfares would still be cheaper than in Australia (without private health insurance).

I have been looking at endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty which is fairly new to Australia and not covered by medicare so therefore no health fund rebate.  




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2 hours ago, Moderator said:



49 minutes ago, Cupcake85 said:

Hey 2Shea can I ask why the endoscopic gastroplasty and not a traditional sleeve? I wish you all the best. 

Im having sips bypass in May. 

SIPS bypass looks interesting, I hope it goes well for you.

The drawcard for the ESG was the fact it is non-surgical and only a day visit to the hospital (though some surgeons prefer to keep you in overnight).

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2 hours ago, Moderator said:

Have you considered taking out PHI and then getting it done here? You will have to wait but it would be well worth it if something was to go wrong.

I assume you are responding to Diana..but you did get me thinking.  I have good health insurance which includes weight loss procedures and while I pefer a non surgical approach for weight loss (the ESG not covered by medicare or health insurance), if my preferred surgeon recommends one of the surgical approaches as the best option for me I will probably opt for the recommendation, and I will finally get some use of my health insurance.


7 minutes ago, Cupcake85 said:

Fair enough @2shea I googled as I haven't heard of it until you mentioned it. Thank you, I'm just waiting for my super to be approved for early release to pay my gap (I have private health insurance). Good luck to you too. 

Good luck with your application!  Sounds like you are going for it at the right time.  The government review on early release of super on compassionate grounds (including weight loss surgery) is due soon.  I suspect there will be some tightening up of the guidelines.

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Hi Diane, I had my surgery with Dr Narong and Destination Beauty end of July last year. I am 51 and every single day I am grateful and feel blessed for this decision. 

I would guess my heaviest weight was about 128kg. I am now 75kg. I have lupus and fibromyalgia these are now in remission. I go horse riding, I do yoga, I walk into a normal chain shop and can buy clothes off the rack. I have a collection of skinny jeans. My life is wonderful and I feel amazing.

I was booked to attend a very reputable Sydney clinic when I came across a midwife that had been to destination beauty. Following my discussions with her I did my research. 

They don't agree with filling your body with artificial foods. The pre op diet is about eating healthy foods, stopping carbs and sugars, hydrating with water. 

The hospital is better than any private hospital I have attended in Australia. The patient to nurse ratio is about 1:1. 

Dr Narong is caring, thoughtful and informative. He takes his time with you and is very approachable. I have not heard of a single leak or problem with his work and I can assure you i went looking. Trolled the internet and Facebook. My GP did the same, she was initially concerned about me going overseas for my surgery. She could not find anything to give her any concern or doubt.

After surgery they encourage you to eat protein rich soft foods from about day 3. Shock, horror, how terrible..... No not at all. You only have so much protein in your body, protein is so important and can be lethal if levels get too low. Surgery, trauma etc depletes protein and this needs to be replaced. Your stomach needs to function too, your body needs nutrients to heal. My health and recovery benefited from returning to foods. You are advised to eat protein fresh foods, and the choice is abundant in Thailand.

My diet now is about the best quality foods not quantity.

I was so happy with my whole experience, that when my daughter decided this was the right choice for her due to PCOS, both my doctor and I recommended Destination Beauty and Dr Narong.

People ask about after care. Firstly they ensure that you are fit to return home before you leave. After being discharged from the hospital you are regularly visited by Nurse Aom. Upon my return to Australia my care was with my GP as it would be in Australia. I was able to see a dietician and prepared a health plan with my GP. 

I am contacted regularly by DB staff to see how I am. There are chat groups and other support, reference groups. I feel valued by all the staff associated with DB and they have a genuine interest in me.

I am happy to share anything with you. I strongly believe that if you are thinking about doing WLS, money shouldn't be the sole decider. Quality of care and the whole experience. 

This is ultimately your choice, but dont let someone who has never experienced what Destination Beauty and Dr Narong have to offer you sway your choice. Make an informed choice.... I did

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Dr Narong and Dr Ithiphon saved my life! Was so nervous and scared traveling from Australia for my gastric sleeve surgery (21/5/19) but honestly would do it all again in a heart  beat after the amazing care i received.  Such an amazing and caring surgeon. His team and the hospital is 1st class. Clean and attentive. Would never get that kind of care here. My incisions were super clean, no bruising at all and recovery was a dream. Now steadily losing weight and finally living. I'm 6.5 weeks post op and 15kg down :)


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I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery 30 May 2019 through Destination Beauty with Dr. Narong Boonyagard at Samitivej Thonburi Hospital.  

The level of service I received was exceptional, the nurses were very attentive.

Dr Narong was amazing. Very approachable and friendly, he answered any concerns that I may have had, and put me at ease.  As a surgeon he was incredible, my scars a barely noticeable.

It is never a problem to email to have any questions answered.

I am now 26.3kg down and owe my life to Dr Narong, would highly recommend to anyone.

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