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New boobies in Thailand 2018

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Hi, newbie to forum but no newbie to wanting new boobies it looks like my 15 years of pining and waivering are going to turn to action this year! Currently have quotes from both Bangkok (Pornthep) and Phuket (Sanguan) and I would be DELIGHTED (as would others I’m sure) for any info from those who’ve been there done that, or others doing the journey. I’m undecided re destinations right now as undecided re surgeons, Dr Sanguan supposed to be great but I can’t find a lot of photos whereas plenty of Dr Pornthep’s pics avail and I like his work. I’m getting BL and BA. Currently driving self crazy trying to make decisions, and once I’ve done the deed I don’t think I wants to see another pair of surgically enhanced boobs in my life ;)

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