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New Boobies possibly Dr Ellis Choy

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Hi lovely people i am looking at going with Dr Choy from Zilver Linings for my new boobies. They don't have any prices on their website and just wondering what everyone paid. I am a pretty standard case. Would love to hear from some ladies who have had quotes or had there boobies done. Also if they loved him or not. Only heard good things so far.

Thanks in advance

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Hi there! 

I just had a BA with Ellis in January this year and I couldn't be happier. I was mildly tuberous and borderline lift- so not a standard case- and he did such an amazing job. I got anatomical implants in a dual plane placement and I think from memory I paid just over $10000 for mine including hospital fees etc. 

I would highly recommend him but if you have any other questions feel free to ask me!

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Hey ally, I just got mine and I’m about 8 weeks post op now. I’m absolutely loving them, for me the most important thing was for them to look real and natural, and Dr Choy was able to achieve just that! I chose to have teardrop shape which is obviously the slightly more expensive implant (it’s about 1000 less for round implants)  and paid I think approx 10700, which includes everything. Obviously there are some places you can find that are cheaper. However for a good surgeon this is a very fair price. One of the best things about my experience with Dr Choy was the recovery, I seriously had 0 pain and was up walking around that very day (obviously carefully). Good luck with your journey! 

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