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Post 1year tummy tuck and BA review

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It has been some time between posting now. So Hi.... I just wanted to recap for anyone thinking TT and about the process and healing. Also not all scars are red and huge (This was my main thing that stopped me from having proceedure done years ago. Boy are there some BAD!!! pictures out there)  

Tummy tucks are not the best idea if you still have more weight to lose.  What I mean is its not a quick fix.  I had a muscle repair and some skin removed but no new belly button as mine was quite high to start with. I was quite athletic before. So for me personally I needed my muscle use back.  The recovery is slow and excercise at the gym very limited. So this being said i actually gained 5 kg for 9 months.  At 12month post op i can only just now say my swelling has decreased. But still on ab training days it swells up like bad pms.  I also want to review my scar is very slim and i have always done vitamin e oil twice a day.  And did dermarolling once a week.  Keep fixamol tape on for ages after surgery and  Use silicon gel as PS says is ok.  And dont train abs for at least 8 months.

Worth it 100%

Fixed back pain and bowel problems.

Lose the weight first then fix the skin 100%

Never plan to have kids after. Do all that before. Thoses little munchkins reck more than your tummy!!! So you may need your boobs done too. As you can see my original ba was ruined after 2 babies.


Its not worth a quick fix as abdominal fat will always come back if your diet is not in check.

Spend the money get a good surgon as a bad scar will be mentally debilitating after all the pain you go through to get a nice flat tummy. My surgon did an amazing job and Im very happy. X ps you have to zoom right in to see scar.  Best wishes and surgery to you all. Message if you need answers. I finally have reach 11 months and can only just say im off the roller coaster. X



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Wow, thank for the honest feedback.   Im 7 weeks post tummy tuck & breast reduction.  So many forums say yeah start exercising at 10 weeks, but I'm FAR from ready to start anything except walk, and even that is slow!

So far my results are amazing tho, and I'm super conscious of not putting on weight during this healing stage!

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