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Thats great ayesha and biancs i was starting to think no one would respond haha

Im just curious uhh didnt have any scary complications that everyones been talking about? And he was nice and the staff? Gave u wat u wanted? Or at least helped u figurr out wat would work?

Biancs i have just sent in my pictures and assessment. Waiting on a reply. My goal is october to have it done. Super nervous. Theres so many ppl out here with diff opinions. But i have read some good thi gs about dr kenny and hes in my price range so thought why not 

Thanks so much

How long did u have to wait biancs before someone was in contact with u to make appointments?


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I’ve heard good things about him too Ally awaits (& within my price range as well). I just received an email to send my pics in too. I will send them in tonight.

I called them and made my consult appt and a tentative surgery date for June. I need to work it around kids/work etc.. But from what I’ve heard; he’s great and pain is very minimal..! Nervous and excited at the same time.. :) 

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That's great i didn't know we could make tentative appointment dates  and consults already. I am also working around the kids and when my fiance can get time off work to come with me and help as i live in Adelaide. Would love to just get it out the way haha

But so eager for new boobs for my wedding. Will finally be able to fill out some clothes in all the right places hahah

have you paid for the $150 consult fee yet? or do you do that once you have spoken to him? It's all a little confusing. 

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I haven’t yet paid my consult fee. I am seeing him on the Gold Coast, so maybe the ability to book tentative surgery appts is only for the GC? 

I didn’t realise I had to send pics in. I thought it was for interstate patients lol... Will reread my email again.. 

I’m keen to have it done but juggling kids/work is my biggest issue. I am 100% once it’s all done it will be worth it. So many ladies regret not having BA done sooner.. 

I breastfed 2 kiss & have been left with a flat chest, I’m super keen to be able to fill out bathers and tops too..

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I'll have to ring them tomorrow maybe and find out if i can book tentatively too. I have specific dates in mind to make this all fall in to place so hopefully they can accommodate that. 

I know they do a skype consult for interstate people i believe from what i have been told. So will have to find out more info i think. 

I have also been left with a flat chest from breast feeding two kids. It's not very flattering or good for the confidence. Whoever said they get bigger after kids is a liar hahha

You'll have to let me know how your consult goes and any feedback for questions i can ask him.

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I will certainly let you know how my consult goes.

I actually just emailed my pics off now..! 
Ps. Excuse typos from last thread, I was on the bus.....& the same liar has said a few things about having kids..!! Lol..! Good luck and I will post back and let you know how my journey goes..! x 
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