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I have anatomicals too, at 6 wks i was allowed to wear a non underwire bra and by 3 mpo i was in normal under wire bra's but went  bra less for the first time to a cocktail party in the middle of Feb i was just under 4 mpo at that stage, i think at 3 mpo tried going bra less at home to see how i felt but i didn't feel supported enough or it just felt strange like i could feel the weight of the implants.  I know for me my ps said i could wear whatever bra i liked at the 3 mth mark and that it was ok to sleep bra less by then if i wanted to but i feel more supported wearing one of those seam free crops from K Mart. Before my BA i would sleep bra less all the time,  but check with your os as you are still quite early in tour recovery. ? 

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I am similar to @Wanting boobs cleared to wear wire free at 6 weeks (I also have anatomicals), but my PS said I could also wear wired at that stage and I have been wearing both since and I am (today) at the three month mark. He also said I could be bra free at night, but MUST wear a bra any time I am vertical (aka standing up) as having implants and now heavier breasts the skin is more likely to sag without proper support.  I went bra free at night once or twice after the 6 week mark but don't feel that comfortable so I wear a soft bonds crop to bed and keep my bra on during the day - even at the end of the day. It's funny coz I would fling my bra off as soon as I got home from work pre-BA, but now I am happy to keep the bra on and actually feel more comfortable.

Basically if your PS says you can sleep bra free then go right ahead, but check with them first.

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