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Hi ladies

I know I've posted a lot on here lately, but I have such anxiety about going through revision. I'm so scared I'm going to wake up unhappy all over again. 

I have posted a photo of my capsular contracture silimed 395cc implants right now. 

As you can see I have a very wide gap. 

I have these 1 finger space dream boobs in my head and I think that's whats getting to me. 

Did anyone have a gap like mine and have it made smaller? 




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@Wanting boobs my surgeon has suggesting fat grafting actually which I didn't even know he offered. I actually don't even remember when they started going hard. Ive had two pregnancies and both caused mastitis so I wonder if that's the reason why. 

It wasn't until I felt my friends (first time I'd ever felt fake boobies) that I realised "wait a minute why do mine feel like rocks".. I couldn't stop squeezing my friends haha.

My surgeon is suggesting 550-625cc round implant in a dual place type 3 placement. 

Ive heard subfascial is good to achieve cleavage so also going to ask about that


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Check out that video - capsular contracture is a B I T C H - but it can be corrected


Also check out this before and after - i filmed this surgery its on our blog - she had pigeon chest and a wide gap - her results now are incredibly good https://www.instagram.com/p/Be3tk8nHlln/?taken-by=drtavakoli

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Sorry to hear you have CC. I will be thinking of you with your revision surgery. I also have a natural wide gap. But as the other ladies have said above in their comments, keep discussing this with your surgeon. You would want a very clear communication about the gap + what the surgeon expects to do in order to narrow the gap vs your expectations.

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Hey Love I also have somewhat of a natural wide gap as pink butterfly as she has stated.  However the gap after my revision isn't as pronounced as it was before the revision truly I do not know if the PS did anything to close the girls in.  Good luck pray everything goes well.

Hugs and Kisses

(   .   )(   .   )  PBB

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You are right in that subfascial placement can help narrow the gap. Having them placed under the muscle or dual plane can accentuate the gap but it depends on how developed your muscles are and how much muscle release your surgeon performs. Also, having a wider implant will help close the space between. I'm so sorry that you have CC. That must be awful!

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