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Hi Lovely just wanted to start a conversation on Under Bust Corsets.  As for me I started at a moderate pace for waist training.around two years ago.  Most definitely love the look and so does Hubby they truly reduce the waist line, and most definitely raise the girls up and out.  I not really into tight lacing, as some ladies are here in the states and I most likely will never be, it just gives me the confidence of a smaller waist.  My clothes fit better and the smaller waist is a huge plus.  Be so pleased once I will be able to wear corset again 7 3/4 weeks PO.  Feeling Blessed and Happy. 


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Ladies in answer to your questions the Corset is from Orchard Corset in Washington State on the West Coast.  They are made extremely well my waist when I purchased them in 2014 was 33 inches the lady that I talked said the rule of thumb is you order a corset that is 3 to 4 inches smaller than your waist.  She recommend me purchasing a 30 inches.  Basically it is comfortable you begin wearing it moderately each day you increase the time worn.  Each week I would tighten the laces after around 6 months I was able to almost close the back.  The key to waist training is continual wearing the corset.  There is no problem with the breathing, and it does give your back a lot of support.  And yes if it isn't worn consistently the muscle relax and you will see a difference in the waist.  Concerning is it the same as a waist trainer somewhat but construction and sex appeal is much greater.   

But what it does for your girls is incredible it pushes them up and out.  I call it a posture corrector.  A lady by the name of Penny Brown is one of the best known waist trainer believe it or not her profile says she is from Australia now living in Okinawa.  You can read about her on the web.  I go back to PS on April 15 and that time I am going to ask her if I can go back to wearing the corsets.  I hope the information has helped you.  This gives me the hour glass figure I once had. He Hw

Hugs and Kisses

(   .   )(   .   )  PBB


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