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post op swimwear shopping fail !!

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Hey boobie-mates... I ventured out to go swimwear shopping today. Yeah I know, it's the end of summer, but hey everything is on sale atm!! So, I used to absolutely HATE swimwear shopping pre-op, even more than hating bra shopping. I never could fit into any decent or sexy swimwear with my previous AAA's. I'd try on sth and it would always flop in the boobie dept and just look terrible and you really cannot wear your chicken fillets to the pool or beach (unless you are purely lounging on the sand and not actually going in the water & even then you're always worried they'll slither out!!) - even padded swimmers did not work for me. I remember buying a cute bikini in my teens and my then boyfriend told me I looked like a boiled egg with two rubber bands!! 

So today I thought I'd finally get some swimwear to go with my new DD girls :D I tried on a Seafolly one piece, super cute, plunging v-neckline and a lacy/strappy thing across and under the boobs. Tried on my usual size 12 (swimwear fits a little small and my usual 10 in clothing doesn't work in bathers - that's my story 'n I'm sticking to it!! :p ) and the girls were bulging out in every direction!! hahahahaha, so tried on a size 14 - same problem I am delighted to say, but the 14 was way too big everywhere else anyways.

So girls, any recommendations on good brands I can try on next? How are you finding the ole swimwear adventure? successful? or a laugh? I was laughing my butt off in the change room, for sure the attendant would have thought I was bat sh*t crazy!! :p :lol:



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Hey Love your new introduction boogie mates.  Here in the states it is spring time with the trees just budding out but it a cold 31 degrees where I live in North Carolina.  I too must go look at a new swim suit.  I guess it is more exciting than bra shopping you have much more to look at colors, styles.  Hubby want me to buy a bikini but I am a little old fashion.  Once I joined this site and others concerning larger breast I started getting pop up on the computer concerning bathing suit for larger breasted women. Bare Necessities, Asos, all have some lovely swim suits.  Both of these companies carry tops for us well endowed beautiful ladies.

Hugs and Kisses 

(    .   )(   .   )  PBB

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I'm still yet to find a nice one piece thats fits me even with boobs. I have never been able to wear a one piece as i am to long in the torso and if i were to bend over or sit down in one it would split me in two ???? i do have a few Tankini's some that i can still get away with, with my bigger boobies and some not so much, this summer i wore those high neck crop top type bikinis and my old Tankinis but guessing it's going to be a bit like you said @sabP when i go shopping for new swimwear. 

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