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Looking for advice on booking overseas breast surgery

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I booked directly with Dr. Boochai when he worked in Phuket. (I had my surgery over three years ago) He is now in Bangkok. It was very easy to book yourself. His staff are great at helping you. Good luck.

Ps. At the time Somnio and Lotus were quite good, l am not sure of their reputations now. A woman runs tour groups for Dr Boonchai patients as well. @mumO5

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Hi Bree , I too am looking for good recommendations  for a breast lift & augmentation overseas . My friend & I  have booked to go to Bangkok in 5 months and have several quotes from different surgeons & Cosmetic hospitals  for these  procedures   as well as dental work & Botox injections and  It is becoming overwhelming as there are so many good &  bad reviews, photos & experiences  of unhappy customers :-(  Has anyone had any surgical procedures at Yahnee  in Bangkok or Surgical Getaways? ......any comments or replies would be greatly appreciated ....please Help !X

Thank you Gabby on  your comment on  Bree post I will  be sure to check out your recommendation :-) 

if you find any good recommendations Bree please Share :-) Thanks Ladies 

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Oooh people actually commenting on stuff! I too am trying to decide where and which surgeon. Phuket - the worlds your oyster, all the surgeons at PIAC (?) seem very good. Bangkok I’m not so sure. I’m going by myself (highly likely this year, depends on work commitments), and think I’ll prefer Bangkok as it’s cheaper and I actually think I’d rather just take it quietly in a nice hotel than being somewhere I actually want to explore 

I’m interested in just how much can be saved by going direct to the surgeons themselves

i contacted Dr Boonchai myself and got a response that due to some issue with the hospital he wasn’t taking cases currently (seems there’s been an issue over there as cosmeditour advised that particular hospital was no longer available too)

Update - just checked emails and Dr Boonchai is taking cases again. Great, now to spend my whole evening researching his before and afters ?

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I just read an article on RealSelf about a girl having her boobs done at Yahnee and ending up with blood poisoning and a double mastectomy!  I had booked a consultation there for next week but I think I am going to  cancel!

So far I've contacted these places:

Dermaster - Dr.

Rattinan - Dr.

Asia Cosmetic hospital - 

Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Dr. Pichet

The Sib Clinic - 

Yahnee - 

Cosmetic surgery centre of Thailand -

Thailand plastic surgery - 

I have consultations at a few this week and am waiting to hear back from others.  I think I am going to scrap Asia Cosmetic as well since I have read some terrible reviews of them as well!

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Hi runninginHeels  & brittyXX 

I had to share :-) So Totally Excited now ???. After Endless Sleepless nights of googling breast surgeons  & Hospitals in Thailand we are feeling a bit more at ease ...My Good Friend Bec  & now booked for our B/A & Breast Lift  (Complex A).and the countdown is on !! TBH  The days are  coming way too fast But .. hey YAY its all starting to happen  for us !!!    We  Both have had our surgery confirmed through Cosmeditour . We Have received our  Final invoice's now with the cost included for Fly back cover (In Case there is any problems with  our Implant or  our Breast lift ..!!! (Keeping positive so only Good Vibes !! ) , Our total surgery cost & Accommodation  all to pay  with a total of 4 weeks before our fly out day to Bangkok . We had received  & Viewed our Surgeon Recommendation about 4 weeks ago for our   B/A & Lift  for our surgical procedure with Dr Pitchet  who was recommended  for us ,  In our cost for Surgeons opinion  was for  The Symmetric Shape , Type  & Size of  our Implant etc  ( For as this stage on which his opinion is  viewed  only  by our photos :-) 

We will have our  consultation with Dr Pitchet   on the 27 th August the day we arrive in Thailand & have our surgery with Dr Pitchet  at Chinatown Hospital  on the 28th Aug 2018. the following day . We had previously already booked  with another  2 companies  & Cancelled  our Quotes upon Fear . We had so many ups & downs with ladies  Telling us some horror stories that took place when they traveled to Thailand for surgery :-(  ..So we booked our flights via Webjet  and hoped we would find a surgeon  soon maybe at Yahnee  Hospital  or through  a cosmetic company . 

So we wrote down all the residential Plastic Surgeons  that were available  &  Available to  do our surgery procedures & in between our flight dates  ....then with Emails & quotes Cosmeditour worked our surgery around our flights . because we were running short of time searching for Surgeons & Accommodation packages . as we originally had Dr Pornthep ... but  because we  were /Are so unsure  about Surgery in Thailand ,, we needed to book asap with Cosmeditour So we would still have the required amount of days for our recovery surgery  . We Had already booked our Travel Insurance when we had booked  our flights . So Just food for Thought Girls to give you the thumbs up.. ..Good vibes only  ladies ??? so Far so good X

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Following. I am almost ready to push the button on an augmentation but unsure to do it locally,  Gold Coast or Thailand.  I think I have a bit of info overload googling too much so keen to see how you girls get on. Please keep us updated only few weeks away now

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I loved my journey! I am now 6.5 weeks post, had Dr Pornthep. I loved Bangkok, I also nipped away to Phuket for 3 nights then back to Bangkok (only because I had an extended stay, you can’t normally travel in the required period). Keep positive even throughout (you’re allowed post op blues etc, just pick yourself back up and remember you’re in a foreign country to enjoy). I’d do it all again in a flash, and I cannot WAIT for summer as my cleavage is now beautiful :)

Haha... just saw my earlier post! Naw, back when I was only thinking about when it could happen and where, and now I’m well out the other side and had that amazing (crazy) experience ❤️ I did loads of exploring in Bangkok by the way, my recovery was ridiculously easy. I was at China Town hospital which was nice and the food is great. They’re incredibly stingy on medication though so take panadeine forte with you, or be prepared to bug them for pain relief (I didn’t really need any once off the morphine the morning after surgery anyway, but everyone is different)

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