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Hello, I'm Thomas from Singapore.

My eyelids were sagging because of fat pads. I found the plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok for fixing my problem since I have to visit Bangkok in that period.

I met Dr.Darin Moungthai. She is certified plastic surgeon in Thailand. She suggested me to do fat pad removal and create double eyelid lines to make my eyes bigger.

The schedule was not too busy so I just waited around 2 days and get my operation date.

The result was very good and I also shared to all of you.


Dr.Darin was very professional. She explained the procedure to me with detail. Do not hard sell to me give me some time to make a decision.

I would like to ask that is it will be smaller or it's the same as my review. Actually, I need it a bit smaller.





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Hi, I'm a forty-years-old IT professional, living in the States. Recently I have noticed sagging skin around my eyelids. I am annoyed because I am looking older. I don't want this droopy eyelid as everyone has started noticing it. I saw a page on FB , for improving appearance for eyes, from a clinic in Manila. So I decided to have one early this year. I’m glad that I did, I was totally happy with my result! Thanks Dr Rino Lorenzo and to his staff at the Renewed You Aesthetic Center as well. I now feel more confident!

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