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Swimming/showering after a BA?

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So I've got my BA booked in for late August in Thailand through CMT... I just wanted to know what's the go with swimming and showering after the BA? I've read and had all sorts of different advice.

No showering for 3 days and no swimming for 6 weeks? and how do you shower after the 3 days if you cant swim for 6 weeks? because they're going to get wet.


Sucks so much because I'm getting them done at the start of my trip so I can have enough time while I'm there to recover before I can fly back home, and our room has it's own beautiful pool, feel like its going to be such a waste now :(


TIA xx

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Hey @Kelly23 as the Moderator said, you are not on holidays, you are having surgery and major surgery at that. You do not want to immerse your incisions in a swampy swimming pool, the likelihood of bacteria entering your body is extremely high. A shower is essentially different than jumping in a petri dish of germs in a pool!! And I personally would be wary of even showering over there as there is no guarantee the sanitation is up to western standards.

After your surgery you need to rest and relax and look after yourself. The point of going to Thailand for surgery is the saving on costs (again, personally I would not risk that because if there are any complications you are not covered by health insurance back here in Australia) it's not a holiday with a bit of surgery on the side!! 

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If you need to freshen yourself up over there i would fill up the sink with warm soapy water and just wash your lower half as like @sabP said I'd be a bit weary of bathing over there especially  if you cant even drink the water. As for swimming i wasn't allowed to swim for around 4/6 weeks ( that was including taking a bath and i had my BA done here in OZ) but it's usually reccomended that you wait until your incisions have completely healed but your ps should be able to give you that information. 

You probably won't really feel like doing much for the first 3-4 days anyway as you will sitll be a bit groggy from the surgery and definitely keep your boobs out of the sun,  you'll need to remember that you have just had major surgery and thst recovery is the most important thing. Good luck with your BA journey 

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