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I'm 21 and I am 2 years post op. I had my surgery in Thailand and it was a breast life and augmentation with Dr. Pornthep.

I remember him asking me if I had bread fed before, as my breasts were evidently empty and I was majorly lacking any skin elasticity.

I am so so so happy with my results, however I am absolutely terrified of any re-sag. I know it's not the end of the world but I really want to prolong my results, however my surgeon said there's a chance I'll need a revision sooner rather than later (still get around the 8 year mark, just see how we go). 

I've been working so hard everyday for two years on recovering severe stretch marks and trying to improve skin elasticity and I have finally found something perfect for me.

I tried bio oil and silicone tape and it reduced scars but didn't help in increasing breast elasticity.

I decided to go as basic as I could and have been lathering myself in Rosehip Oil and have noticed massive results, even more so than pure Vit E.

I'm so so happy and I hope to keep seeing constant results. I find it a little pricier to get pure, cold pressed and organic but have found a place to buy huge bottles for cheap.

I get it here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263575681689?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

I think I also enjoy this method because a little goes a long way.

What has helped your scarring the best? Would love to hear!

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Hi @Sophie096 what type of implants did you get if you don't mind me asking, if you received a firmer gell implant then you shouldn't get much sagging at all for someone your age.  I'm just shy of 5 mpo and have been using silicon scar tape and Vitamin E cream, i wear my scar strips at night and use the cream during the day i think that it is helping to fade my scars but they are still quite pink looking , i don't have any stretch marks on my breasts but i do think the Vitamin E cream helps keep them supple. I do like Rosehip oil so will have a look at your link. Thanks 

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Hey @Wanting boobs - I checked out the link as well and found that it's a rosehip oil that is made in China at a chemical company and imported into Australia in bulk and flogged on Ebay - it may or may not be organic, it's hard to verify. Here's the link to the company in China https://gzyilong.en.alibaba.com/

If you want to use organic Australian rosehip oil (and yes it's not as cheap, but it is certified and authentic) here's a link to another product as an example https://www.rosehipplus.com.au/product/rosehipplus-australian-certified-organic-rosehip-oil-30ml/


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