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Woman who sued doc after ‘strip club consultation’ says she wishes she’d warned others

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A woman who sued a Sydney cosmetic surgeon, claiming he carried out a procedure after performing her only medical consultation in a strip club, has spoken out online to say she wishes she had warned people about the doctor.

Makeup artist and former stripper Melissa Demaj was working at Showgirls Bar 20 almost 13 years ago in Melbourne when she encountered Dr William Mooney in 2005, Fairfax Media has reported.

Ms Demaj alleged she asked him if she should get a nose-job, which he endorsed.

She said he gave her his business card and said he could perform the surgery himself.

She alleged the strip club conversation was the only "consultation" she had prior the surgery in September, according to court documents.

Dr Mooney claimed he did in fact hold a more in-depth medical consultation with Ms Demaj prior to the surgery at which he told her about potential risks, detailed in a defence he filed in the proceedings.

However, Ms Demaj alleged that at no time did Dr Mooney inform her of the risks.

Following the operation, Ms Demaj claimed she suffered skin discolouration, breathing difficulties, permanent swelling and the removal of too much of her nasal bridge, Fairfax reported.

Posting on Facebook today, Ms Demaj claimed that the surgery had given her "extreme body dysmorphia and a drug addiction".

"I spent years with PTSS and more time recovering," she wrote.

Ms Demaj has since made a complete recovery from her suffering and her drug addiction and has gone on to build her own freelance make-up business, Melissa Helena.

She said in her social media post that she had been under the impression she was not allowed to speak about her experience because of a confidentiality clause she had signed.

"Apparently not, I wish I had … spoken out and saved others from the trauma he has inflicted," she said.

Her claim of medical negligence against Dr Mooney was settled in 2012.

More recently, Dr Mooney has had a number of conditions imposed on his practising certificate by the Medical Council of NSW.

Among the conditions is one forbidding Dr Mooney from performing a number of sinus procedures.

He has also been suspended from Strathfield Private Hospital pending a review following the death of one of his patients, Fairfax reported.

Pouya Pouladian, 24, died on March 3 after suffering a major bleed two days after Dr Mooney performed an operation for sleep apnoea.

Last December, Alex Taouil died from complications after sinus surgery performed by Dr Mooney.

Dr Mooney has said that the deaths, while tragic, were not caused by a "complication in my procedures," and that Mr Taouil’s cause of death was unrelated to the surgery.

9news.com.au has contacted Dr Mooney for comment. Ms Demaj declined to speak further, but said it was important for people to "do their homework" when they were considering cosmetic surgery.


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hi shea, i know it sounds dumb. but i've had my boobs done and liposuction years before with no issues. so i must say i was very naive and thought that nothing could go wrong. a consultation was booked on the day of the surgery. as he was in sydney and i was in melbourne. a offer of a consultation prior to the surgery was not offered but on the day. i went to the wrong building and was running out of time  and he said don't worry about it, ill just chat to you before you go under. i know that was stupid,  but like i said, i had success with other surgeries and just did not think anything could go wrong. 

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