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calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ are ‘butchering’ young female patients

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For those of you girls wanting  to go to cosmetic evolution or any cosmetic surgeon you might want to read the below article.. 

An ad placed for breast augmentation in Brisbane for $5900.00


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Hope I'm not going to offend anyone with my comment but when it comes to your body and the wellbeing of yourself or even your life after surgery why do so many people think that buying cut price plastic surgery is like going to a sale ( you cant pick up a bargin on your body parts like a nice dress)  STOP and ask yourself if its that cheap what have they sacrificed or cut out to give you the cut price surgery in the first place. Cheap is cheap for areason people so my advice would be to save your pennies for a little longer and see a qualified plastic surgeon. 

It makes me so mad and sad that this is still happening. 

Very interesting article @cosmetic

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thank you for sharing @cosmetic it is so important that women know the difference between cosmetic and qualified plastic surgeons... it is not worth risking your health and your life for cut price surgery... these unqualified and inexperienced "cosmetic surgeons" prey on the young and uninformed women. It is so important to research your surgeon thoroughly and to ensure that they are accredited with the right organisations/accrediting bodies. 

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Very alarming and it is one of the biggest reasons why we decided only to ever allow FRACS Plastic and ENT surgeons in our directory - its also one of the biggest reasons why reviews are so important.

Rest assured that all surgeons in our directory are at least actual surgeons

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