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Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

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On 16/04/2018 at 5:47 PM, fishlips said:

Not really I've had already 2 reconstructive rhinoplastys with the same surgeon but I feel he is too conservative for me as I want a bigger change.

Hi Fishlips,

I'm sorry to hear you aren't happy with your result. I originally thought you were happy with your surgery with Dr Greensmith. ( i sent you a pm)

I am considering Dr Tony Holms. He did a 4th very complex revision on my friend and she is happy.

My fear with Greensmith is that he is also that he is too conservative. 

Please PM me, we maybe able to help each other as this will be my 2nd reconstructive surgery.

Hope to hear from you ???

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Just called patrick walshs office. Would be $750 for a consultation! $200 for talking about it. $400 for photos and $150 for getting a camera up the nose! This is unheard of! Maybe its just me but is that super expensive? I remember my consult with camera and everything was about $250-$300.


yeah im not 100% happy with mine as i want a small nose not a medium one, andrew is a bit too conservative. And then you get used to it and looks bigger in my eyes.

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So glad i invested that $750 i look back on me complaining about lol. Im 1.5 years post op from Patrick Walsh and im sooo happy and cant believe my nose journey is finally come to an end, hence why i havent been on here in ages. He listens and fixes the issues you haev. I can breathe again and the cosmetic side is great.

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