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How do I know what type of dental work I need? Pics included

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Hi everyone. I have never had braces or anything as my teeth were never terrible, but lately I’ve been really wanting to make my teeth more aligned and address mainly the two front teeth that are quite a bit larger than the rest and would love them all to the aligned and look like they all gel. With all the different methods of dental work out there how do I know where to start? Do I need braces? Veneers? What type of dental work do I need? 

I would happily travel to an overseas dental clinic for the work and I’ve heard they assess and address all your dental work within a couple of weeks. Would love recommendations both in Melbourne an overseas 


ps my smile isn’t normally crooked, I’m recovering from sinus/septum surgery and it’s a bit awkward to smile lol



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Hey @MelbGal you could post this same question in the ask a surgeon section of the site and hopefully one of our cosmetic dentists can help guide you.

I personally think you would be a great candidate for veneers - they could expand your buccal corridor and lengthen your incisors.

I had an amazing experience with Dr Dee in Melbourne and I know people fly from all over for his work.

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