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Hot air styler vs straightening brush help!

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I'm cutting my hair from an A line bob into a chin length bob with a straight across fringe. I want it to be healthy as well as one length and fell in love with a cut so I'm getting it done. 

Downside I have thick curly hair and this cut looks good straight. I'm thinking of buying either a wet to dry straightening brush or a hot air styler which you use on damp hair. The hot air styler is a round brush that spins and it dries, straightens and volumises. The straightening brush is a wet to dry one so again use on damp hair however it doesn't get hair poker straight. The straightening brush looks easier to use, the hot air styler looks like it will do a better job. 

Do any of you own one or the other? I'm prepared to have to run a hair straightener over any kinks afterwards it's just trying to blow dry my hair which is a real mission. I was hoping that this could cut down my styling time rather than me having to wait around for my hair to dry (blast drying gives me frizz). 


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Ih love Im a Hairdresser by trade and we (most hairdressers i know ) dont like the wet to dry anything as it tends to scorch the cuticle layer of the hair and thats what you can see and feel on the outside what goes on inside is something different altogether. Hair when its wet is also very weak as the bonds have been softened by the water and is prone to breaking under tension. The hot air styler will be your safer option as you mentioned that you wanted to make/ keep your hair healthy. Also i would invest in a good heat protection sprayto apply to dry hair before using straightening irons or a heat lotion to add to wet hair before drying 

This article i found best describs what I'm trying to explain and this is something that is taught to all apprentices in thire first year at TAFE. 

Hope you find this helpful ☺


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I have an A-line bob and straightening brush works perfectly for me. But when talking about chin length, I think hot air brush would be a better choice (it can dry and style your hair at the same time). You can read different brand reviews on this blog (I've found it very helpful when choosing a straightening brush).
Hope you'll be satisfied with whatever choice you'll make)

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