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Worried about size - 3 weeks until BA

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Hello Everyone -

I am 5"6 in height, size 6/8, chest size measures 28, and cup size currently about B. My surgery is in 3 weeks and I am so excited, but I keep freaking out about my size outcome. I am having under the muscle, teardrop implants, and size 245cc / 280cc, depending on what he can fit it. I keep reading on forums about women who are getting 350cc+ and being worried that is too small, so I am really questioning it. My surgeon is lovely and says the 280cc is the biggest he can fit due to my frame, but I can't help but panic that when I wake up from surgery that I'll be disappointed.
I do want that more natural look, but I defiantly want boobs. Has anyone had a similiar size like this done before?




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Hi Olivia, 

I am currently 1 dpo. I had smooth rounds, under muscle 375cc mod +. I am 5'3', 52kg (so fairly small) bwd 13cm. Prior to surgery I was barely a 10a however while breastfeeding was a 10d. 

From what I've read I think teardrops have more projection than rounds but have differing widths. If you know your bwd and know what brand implant your surgeon plans on using you will be able to go to the manufacturers website and determine what size your able to go. I am only 1 dpo and I am already stressing that I've chosen  a size that's too small. I'm trying to remain optimistic as I know my boobs will under go changes in the next few weeks. Perhaps have another appt with your surgeon so your both on the same page and express your concerns. You don't want to be paying all that money out for a disappointing outcome! 

Good luck ?

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I am similar stats - 165cm tall, 55kg and a size 6. I started as a 10AA cup. I got 270cc under the muscle and teardrop implants. I am now a 10C cup. If your surgeon has said that the most cc's he can fit in is 280cc, you may have to consider you may be looking at further surgeries to eventually get to the size you want.

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I am 58kgs and 165cms...I was smaller than you pre surgery...I was very deflated and only an A but barely. I actually had 390cc under the muscle which is mainly due to my breast width being a bit wide. But having said that, I personally couldn’t imagine having gone smaller than that. I’m texhnically a D but really implants sit differently in bras so I think I look more like a C. I’m thinking if you are a B now, then I think anything from 280/330 might be about right if you want to achieve a D. It’s hard to say really because there are so many factors to what would suit you best, but I think it sound like a good size. I obsessed over size for weeks! Every day! I made rice sizers and would go back and forth every day! But I always said I’d be more disappointed in going too small than going too big so I chose the 390s over 350s which were my two choices 

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