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Explanted 10 months ago... I want my boobs back !

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Hello ladies !!

I have been reading this forum for a while and I would need some advice.

I have had 350cc under the muscle implants for the past 12 years and developed capsular contracture in my right breast after about 2 years.

After it got worse and worse, I decided to her them removed and not replaced.

I was a D cup and I'm now left with a deflated B cup and my nipples are all saggy, I'm 34 but I feel like I have the bust of an old lady... ?

I really don't like how flat chested I am now and it has affected my self confidence a lot... I want my boobs back!

The problem is, I am on a budget, and I'm terrified I will end up with some kind of complication again....

I am in Sydney. I was thinking about getting Brazilian furry implants for the lower rate of capsular contracture. 

I'm also not able to spend more than 10 000 at the moment.

Which surgeon would you recommend ? Which type of implants ? Brazilian ? Textured ? How much do they charge ?

Thanks so much for your help!!

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There are a number of women on here who still got capsular contracture with Brazilians. CC isn’t the only complication to be worried about also, so that shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing a type of implant. As long as you choose a reputable plastic surgeon you should be in safe hands. I believe Dr Dona is within your budget and would definitely be worth checking out.

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