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My rhinoplasty experience- Mr Stephen Kleid

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Hi all,

History- needed some major sinus surgery and the main part was a badly deviated septum with a bone spur completely blocking my sinus....and decided I would combine it with some rhino work since I needed quite a surgery anyway! My nose wasn’t the worst in the world and I wasn’t desperate to have it fixed, but knew one day I may have done it, so why not do it all at once! 

The sinus surgery was my priority so I searched for an ENT who also did facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasties.

I researched extensively, and with the help of this forum and with recommendations on here and elsewhere I went with Mr Stephen Kleid at Masada. And I couldn’t be happier! Mr Kleid and ENT and facial plastic surgeon.

From the thorough 1hr initial consult, to all the information provided by his staff (because I asked 1000 questions ?)...to the very detailed imaging process, to the wonderful care at Masada, it all went so well. I was extremely anxious about the whole surgery, mainly because there was so much involved and it’s my face!...but Mr Kleid is very professional, confident, and matter of fact, which is actually was eases my mind because it shows he just knows what he’s doing. He spent alot of time explaining not only what work I needed done, but the process of it all as well. Absolutely no pressure whatsoever from his or his staff to book surgery either. 

Surgery was 3hours...I had a nose splint and bandages on for 1 week, a whole lot of s**t coming out of my mouth, and a whole lot of bruising and swelling (I’m a bit bruiser!). After 1 week I had the splint and bandages removed, and my scabs/clots/blood sucked out and OMG I can’t believe the results! Firstly I’ve never breathed so well in my life! I never realized how bad my breathing was until now. And my nose is just amazing! Exactly like the photos although still very swollen mostly at the tip. 

When I saw the imagin photos, I asked, surely this isn’t achievable, this must just be what would be ideal. But no! I was assured that no imaging reaches Mr Kleid that isn’t an achievable result. But until I saw it, I honestly didn’t believe it would be possible. I actually said to Mr Kleid ‘Ph my gosh how did you do that??!?!’.

I’ll check in in a few weeks and report more progress, but for now, even with the swelling and bruising, I’m so happy. It has all exceeded my expectations 



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