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1 hour ago, cm29 said:

Push up bras after BA? Is this okay or will it distort the shape and placement of my implant

almost 3 months PO

Hey @cm29 Check with your PS as they all differ in their advice. Mine said I was fine to wear any bra after my 6 week check up, including wired and push up. However, I didn't really wear push up until around the 3 month mark as they were not that comfortable prior. I am now nearly 5 months post-op and have had no problems with wearing push up bras - not that I wear them that often, just if my top/dress would look better. Hope that helps :)

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Just love push up bras as for me PS told me after 5 to 6 weeks wired bras would be okay.  I love the cleavage and the extra support they give.  I am sure everyone is different so just listen to what your girls are telling you patience is a must when it comes to surgery.  Hope this helped, as for me I began after my fifth week, love the cleavage and support.  Also it is so so important to get a push up that keeps the girls in, I have tried some that failed in this very important factor in selecting a push up bra.  Happy Push Up Bra Shopping

Hugs and Kisses

(   .   )(   .   )  PBB

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My ps said i was fine to wear any bra i liked at the 6wk mark also but didnt wear push ups till about 3 mpo as my anatomical implants wrer still quite firm and were not going to squeeze into a push up bra at 6 wpo and it also felt a bit un comfortable.  Like @sabP i wear the odd push up bra from time to time but find i don't really need to . 

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