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Hi Girls, 



Is there any place we can find sexy post op bras? 

I had breast implants myself and have been seeing a lot of people having it. 

And the post op bras provided by surgeons all look very ugly. 

Does any know the reason why only ugly post op bras are on sale in market? 

I would love to see some thing sexy to lift my mood up during recovery time.



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Target have a nice lacy post surgery bra its not as compressive as some of the post op bras out there but it dose look nice in comparison.  

If your surgeon has provided you with a compression po bra then i would suggest you were it or some other type of compression bra as this will help support your new implants and help with swelling and the healing process. Carefix have some nice ish compression po bras but you will find they are built more  for comfort /support rather than style ?

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Hey @asianbabe - I think there is the dilemma... sexy and post-operative recovery do not go together. You have had major surgery and you need to wear a support garment, sadly it is unlikely that it will be "sexy". As @Wanting boobs said the Carefix bras are slightly more attractive than the usual ones surgeons hand out. However, even though the Carefix range are slightly nicer, they are still a support garment with front openings (zipper or hooks & eyes) and thick shoulder straps for support.

You only have to wear the post-op bra for six weeks (or whatever your surgeon recommended). There may be other ways of cheering yourself up/treating yourself during this time whilst you wait to heal. Maybe have a facial or a manicure or do something you really enjoy. Six weeks will fly by and just think of all the beautiful, sexy and awesome bras and lingerie you will be able to indulge in then :D 

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