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Rounding the corner!

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Well, I just wanted to give a little hope to anyone who felt like I did yesterday. It’s almost 4 DPO, and I have gone from miserable/sad/in pain to a little sore, a little bloated, and so excited to see progress! I feel like I turned a corner today. Only my antibiotic, colase, and Tylenol were used today! Yay! Can’t wait to see how these girls settle in! 

Ps, the wrinkles in my boobs are from the compression bra. The bra is ruched and leaves funny marks. 


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4 hours ago, Wanting boobs said:

Glad to hear you are feeling better and yes you are right it dose take a few days and then like you said it's like turning a corner a nd suddenly you feel better. Your girls are looking good by the way and can't wait to hear more about your recovery process.  

Thank you so much! 

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