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Best nasolabial dermal fillers on the Gold Coast? I have had a bad experience and would love a trusted recommendation.

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Hi there, 

I'm looking for a highly recommended dermal filler nurse or doctor for nasolabial folds in the Gold Coast/ Byron bay area.  I have had this done before by an inexperienced clinician in 2016 and it didn't end well. I'm ready to give it another go as I'm super self conscious about this area. Really want to go to someone who is highly experienced for this specific filler. Many thanks ladies ??

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I wanted this area fixed about two months ago. The injector said it would need to be fixed by placing fillers in my cheeks. I’m only in my mid 20’s so it’s not like I’ve lost a lot of fullness or volume in my face. The cheek fillers did absolutely nothing at all. Not for my cheek contours nor my nasolabial folds. $800 down the drain! Would love to follow your story. 

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I have treatments for cheeks, chin, and jawline at the magnolia mediclinic. I am 75 years old and VERY happy with my results.    I especially appreciate their total honesty and knowledge!    Find their prices reasonable, consultations of course are free.     I am treated by susan walsh (injector) and mary- ellen beattie (nurse clinician)  both lovely girls.

Hope this was helpful.

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