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Dr Boonchai now using Kasemrad Hospital

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I am booked to have breast and facial surgery with Dr Boonchai for early July and have just been notified that the surgery will be at Kasemrad Hospital, instead of Phyathia 2.   This does worry me a little as I have really no information about the hospital and can not seem to find many other surgeons who work from there.  Can anyone give me some information or experiences of the hospital?  I did read somewhere in an old post on a forum that the nurses don't speak english.   Anyone else booked with Dr Boonchai having same changes of hospital?

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Hi told them I was not happy about hospital change and they said I could probably go back to booking at other hospital. So if you are worried about it,  tell them.  I was put off because the nurses dont speak english.  I was also getting advice from Dr Pornthep and have decided to go with him. 

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Hi. I’m trying to book with Dr Boonchai. But also find the hospital a bit old and worry about the facilities there.

also the lacking of recent info. on Dr Boonchai’s surgeries does not help.

has anyone had a recent surgery with Dr B at his new hospital?

or is anyone booked to operate there?

thx in advance 

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Hi,  I've asked whether I can see Dr Boonchai at Phyathai 2, but I've been told politely there's no way and that any language issues can be dealt with by his patient liaison.  It has put me off,  and I'm also concerned that his instagram seems to be deleted?  I'm spooked,  honestly.

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