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I came all the way from Melbourne to consult with Dr Chin as I had read a number of good reviews from previous patients having had the same procedure with him, many who had travelled interstate to see him and whom I had spoken with.
From the beginning of my consultation I found him to be rude and dismissive, and he seemed exasperated when I asked any questions.  
Despite this, he told me he was happy to do the procedure, even though he never even examined me. I left his room feeling confused and disoriented.
His nurse spoke to me afterwards and went through the ins and outs of the procedure, where I'd be staying etc. and said that she'd contact me in a few weeks to discuss things further.
She apologised for David Chin's demeanour, saying he is just 'modest', however she was shocked that he didn't even examine me. 
I was then told that a quote would be emailed to me. When this never happened, I called the clinic and was told that it was in fact emalied and to check my spam. She then told me that she'd resend it.  As I still hadn't received it, I called two more times and was told on both occasions that I'd have it by the end of the day.
The final time I called I spoke to a different receptionist.  She informed me that a quote had never been sent and that Dr Chin didn't want to do the procedure.
The whole thing was bizarre, a waste of my time.
In contrast, the Dr I saw the day before in Brisbane was kind, respectful, answered ALL of my questions and EXAMINED me thoroughly. I will be going ahead with him for the procedure.
I couldn't be more disappointed in my experience with Dr. Chin.

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