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Tuberous Breasts + Implants = ?? Happy?

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I’m new! 

Im Booked for next month for the op because  I have mild Tuberous breasts they have always bothered me. If you have the same problem, how happy are you with the results after your boob job?

I’m super nervous, as I know operations have its risk and I’m wondering if it’s really worth it??

I’m early 20’s and petite , They suggest 325cc silicone high profile for me. 

Side note.. if you’ve had implants over a long period of time, any complications you’ve experienced? How long did your implants last before you had to have them done again?


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10 hours ago, MaisieF said:

Love love love my boobs - I was tuberous & my BA was worth every cent. I’ve even had a baby since & still love them even though they’ve changed (way more natural & sit in a push up bra better). 

Nerves before an op are totally normal. I was nervous even right up to being on the operating table!

good luck!

Hi MaisieF,

thanks so much for your feedback!! I’m so glad your happy with yours & you are still happy with them after having a baby too.. because it concerns me getting mine done so young with the possibility of still having children yet when I’m older.



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Hi Tee,

Good luck with your surgery. I had ugly, horrible, unsightly moderately tuberous breasts. I improved them in Oct 2016 from an A to D cup but they still were distorted and irregular looking. I should have went larger to fill out my distortion better. I got 415cc which was nowhere near big enough to fill my breasts adequately.  My Cosmetic Suegeon agreed to try again with larger implants and further scoring in April 2017 to release my tight underfolds. I went 525cc round 2 achieving an E cup and they are way better. If I had my time again I would go 575cc. Dont be shy about volume, it is absolutely essential to achieve best results. Tuberous breasts are terrible. Round and full is beautiful. Good luck I hope you are very happy with your outcome. X

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