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Getting half a ml of filler in lips

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Hey everyone, so I finally went to LCA to get a consultation for my lips. I really loved the injector there and saw some of her photos and thought her work looked really natural/high quality. I like the shape of my lips currently and don't want to go too extreme - I just want to give them a little extra oomph and fullness so she suggested doing just half a ml of filler. The only thing is, it's still the same price - $389. Do you think I should go ahead, or should I look around at other options? I've heard LCA is priced really competitively so perhaps this is best. :)

Let me know your thoughts, thanks girls! X

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I felt just the way you did before i got my lips done the first time, i loved the shape of my lips and just wanted them to be a little fuller so I got half a ml in my top lip only! I  absolutely loved it !!!! 

But when it was time to get a top up my injector had closed down so i did some heavy research and found Alvin the injector he had a sale on at the time $339 for 1ml or the full price for half a ml $290 so when i got there I was completely against getting any filler in my bottom lip and was going to ask for as much as I could get with still looking natural in my top, (as after the swelling went down the first time i felt i could have used a little more filler as i loved the look of them when they were swollen) when I had a mini consult with Alvin right before he did his magic i felt so comfortable he knew what he was doing that i just said "do what you think needs to be done" he ended up using the full ml on my lips and put a little more in the bottom than top when he  told me i freaked ! 

but once i looked in the mirror i was in love ! the extra 0.5ml made so much of a difference in a good way, to sum it up going the half a ml to begin with was a good stepping stone for me but if i knew what 1ml would have looked like i would have chosen it from the start x

Hope this helps in some way 

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