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Cheaper Botox in Sydney

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could please tell me about more affordable (yet still really good) Botox clinics around Sydney? Unfortunately, living in the east of Sydney means that EVERYTHING is more expensive here, including Botox treatments. I am more than willing to travel a ways out in order to pay less for Botox... Are there places in Western Sydney or North West Sydney that do it for less that you would recommend? I found this place online: eden laser clinics..Has anyone been to Eden Laser Clinics before? 

Any help is greatly appreciated ^_^ Need a Botox top up ASAP! Xxx 

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Hi Madz,

I've been going to several franchised laser clinics for my Botox for years and was always disappointed with the results and having to deal with different and untrained nurses who were impossible to follow up with to fix their bad work.

A friend of mine recommended Dr Tom Jodlovich at Smooth As Silk Laser and Cosmetic Clinic about a year ago and I have been very happy ever since. He is both competitive with his prices but more importantly does fantastic work and you can follow up with him personally. 

I can all honestly recommend him as the best Botox injector in Sydney.

Best wishes,


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I agree with you Sophie. I'm still pretty new to this all but I have to say I've had the perfect Botox treatment with Dr Jodlovich. I now have a very natural refreshed appearance without any signs of having any treatment done. I had my lip filler done with Dr Jodlovich today and once again the results are flawless. I can also strongly recommend him to all.

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