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Facial Multiple Surgeries in Korea, Taiwan, SG

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Hi Everyone,

I've been in several forum doing tones of research on different types of surgery. Like anyone else, going to different thread post for the surgery that I would plan to do in the next couples of months. I started my first research for double eyelid revision in the year 2011 because i failed them couples of times. One of the forum that feed me much information about plastic surgery in Korea is Soompi forum. Now I would like to contribute my shares of bit of surgeries result and my plastic surgery journey to this forum. It will be too long winded for me to write my full experience here for each clinic that i ever been to. I will briefly summarize the surgery that I had done and the place that i had visited. I had wrote down my satisfaction level of each of my surgeries.

Attached is my before and after surgery face photo. Do not hesitate to pm me any questions, I'll be most willing to share if that helps on your research.

Eye Part
1st Partial Incision Eyelid surgery on Year 2008: In SG JJ Chua Plastic Surgery - Badly done, fold was asymmetrical
2nd Full Incision Eyelid Revision on Year 2008 : In SG JJ Chua Plastic Surgery - Fold was still asymmetrical
3rd Incision Eyelid Revision with Epicanthoplasty on Year 2010 : In Taiwan Jimmy Chuang Wish Clinic - Botched badly, Fold high and deep, unnatural. Epi was over corrected.
4th Full Incision Ptosis Correction Eyelid Revision on Year 2011-2012 - BK Hospital Korea: Fold was lowered but scar line was quite bad.
5th Full Incision Eyelid Scar Revision on Year 2013 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied
3D Lateral Canthoplasty and Epi Reversal on 2012 - Eve Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea - Satisfied
Lower Eyelid  - Under eye fats re positioning on Year 2013 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied

Rhinoplasty Septal cartilage with silicone on Year 2012 - Jewelry Clinic - Badly done, implant too high result skin thinning
Alar Reduction and Alar lift on 2012 - Eve Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea - Satisfied
Rhinoplasty Revision with Dermis Graft and Septal + Ear Cartilage on Sept 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Very happy as its my own tissue grafting , permanent result.

Forehead + Nasolabial fold Fatgrafting on 2013 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied
Full Face Fatgrafting on April 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied, quite happy as it's been more than a year and still lasting.

Smile Line fold - Paranasal Implant on April 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied

Arm Liposuction on April 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied

Breast Augmentation Revision on April 2017- SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied (First time was done in Thailand 11 yrs ago, had some ruptured. Forgot the name of clinic).



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